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When wine was discovered, it was created a way of life, a life style and a space for enjoyment.

Over the centuries, year after year, the perfection achieved exceeds the previous one, with no limits.

Therefore, we have wanted to pay tribute to all those that made and make a feeling called ‘wine’.

We hope you enjoy the shape, the style and the space of our humble creation.

R. Palacios

about dreams

and other stories

Being a child, I used to go with my parents to a friends’ winery; from the beginning, this place was for me just one more play area, but then it became one of my favorite places. The games stimulated my interest and generated my essential enthusiasm.

Later, I had a need, I wanted to feel the wine and understand its magic.

Trapped in this world, wine became my passion and I started to experience wine intensively. I had ideas, dreams and eagerness to keep going.

If you want a dream to come true, you should share it with others: here, my true story begins…

the winery

about visions and ideas

Ricardo Palacios Winery born in the end of 2008. Selecting an excellent raw material, an appropriate location and the best company were very thoughtful decisions. I wanted to count on the best professionals; Jaime Suárez was the right colleague, the only crazy enough to face the challenge and take part in my madness.

The winery is a reflection of what I am and of what I feel: passion, demand, perfection, temperament and rigor. A strict working method allows us to produce wines of high quality that generate sensations.

There are no more reasons, we like what we do and that can be noticed in our wines.

the wine


rolindes means quality, careful balance, tradition, passion and feeling.

All begins from a thorough agricultural labor; we take care of the vineyard without overlooking any detail, using organic products and traditional methods.
Wood, manual work and personality define all the elaboration process.
The memory of its origins, the must, is a part of rolindes. It is a demanding, delicate, elegant and unaltered wine, rich in nuances and with female intuition, easy to drink
We would like to invite you to enjoy alone or in company this exciting project.

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